by Climate

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MMXVI is available on cassette via Dog Years Records.

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Engineered/mixed/mastered by Derek Leisy on April 30, 2016.

Cover photo by: Ashley Jennings

Cover layout by: Chris Mollet


released May 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Climate Portland, Oregon

CLIMATE is a vegan straight edge band from Portland, OR. CLIMATE features members of Focused Minds, Better Times, and Young Turks playing youth crew in the vein of Carry on and Count Me Out.

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Track Name: Listen
Spend all our lives drifting day by day
With no real thoughts and not a thing to say
Taught ourselves just to blindly obey
But I'm not listening

Taught to consume beings that cannot fight
All the while downplaying their plight
You tell yourself out of mind out of sight
But I'm not listening anymore

I'm not listening

We have to make it right
We have to be their voice
For the picture of innocence who never had a choice
Forced into slavery prosperity lost to a voice
You're not listening

Thats why we're screaming and taking a stand
You call it reckless we call it a plan
Forced revolution so they understand
That you're not listening

Accept your guilt, accept your conscious
Guilty for years, it has slowly rotted

We must make this fucking right
Track Name: Power Perverse
I'll never understand what draws you
To something so perverse
The power that you crave
Is power to enforce

You call it honor, you call it service
Your intentions are to save
Well load that gun and shine that badge
They're objects to enslave

All you've done and all you do
Is pin us into corners
Beaten, broken, bullied, battered
With no issue or a warning

It's no surprise another dead cop
Sends no one into mourning
When all we're guilty of
Is trying to make a living

You say your only human
A uniform is no division
Cut the shit
This job was your decision
Track Name: Deserved
Nothing gives you the right to draw that line into the sand
How you play God with your compassion I'll never understand
You've figured out a way to not just care about yourself
But only if it's domesticated, what about everyone else?

Which ones garner favor and which ones get your praise?
How long do we care for those that only bright up our days?
The ones inside our homes seem to be the ones deserving of our rage
Because most are raped and tortured spending all their lives inside a cage

If we keep acting like they're just inventory
There's no way we'll change the story
Don't let your fucking outrage end
Right where your convenience begins
Track Name: Choices
You really think I give a shit
About the choices that you make?
Of course I don't, it's your fucking life
But theres one thing I can't take
It's fucking assholes pretending not to care
Belonged for the wrong reasons
Insincere, making light of the one thing
I believe in
I don't give a fuck

So when I say it, know it's true
If I was a different man
I'd still be nothing like you

You say you've changed
That you moved on
You're "growing up"
I say,
You fucking sold out
Track Name: Solid Unity
There's a dark cloud ahead of me,
Eyes in the sky and grey is all I see
This fucking weight it won't let me be
It's gotta break before it puts me on my knees

It feels like there's nothing I can do

Every day has become such a struggle
Just making it by has become such a bother
I walk the streets feeling only isolation
Become so numb it's dulling all of my senses

Don't shake my hand just to stab me in the back
Inspiring change can't start with all these attacks
Dog eat dog it can't be all that we're feeling
I'll lift you up that's exactly how we'll start the healing

I look to you, you look to me
We work together in solid unity
There's a hand i'll always lend
I'm by your side, we'll see this through the end

We'll see this through
Track Name: Carry the Name
My wheels keep spinning
I can't move a fucking inch
I keep screaming
I can't make sense of this
All those punches
I take on the fucking chin
Strength on my side
X's always win

And as things change
I still carry the fucking name
While everything fades
This one thing stays the same

We are the wolves in hiding
Amongst the broken and lying
Although we've never belonged
Straight edge still standing strong
Track Name: The View In
There you lied with nothing left
Nothing more to give, nothing but regrets
You were a ghost to the world and to yourself
When you needed me most I only thought of myself

You were hurting, broken, with nothing left to lose
I was young, selfish, I honestly had no fucking clue

All alone every fucking day
And visits felt like such a pain
You were the strongest woman I had ever met
I'd give it all up just for one more day

The strongest woman I've ever met
I'd give it all up just to see you again

I could have been more
I should have been more

With every breath I take you in
These memories never seen again
I held you once, I held you close
I'm left searching when I need you most
Again and again and again and again
I held you once, I held you close
Again and again and again and again
These memories never seen again